Jeff Crane March 15, 2020

2022-06-20 | 17:48:01

"Thieves! Do not use El Cajon Mini Storage! It has been one month since we moved our belongings from our unit and they are still charging us. We gave them advanced notifications that we would be moving as well as notified them the day after we moved and they are still charging our account. When we called to correct the situation their excuse was that we never notified them despite them having multiple notes on our file. If you’re using them now, get out of there and change your accounts! They will steal your money!"
William Repik January 24, 2020

2022-06-20 | 17:47:57

"Great place to store your stuff. Staff is awesome."
Django Thompson January 6, 2020

2022-06-20 | 17:47:53

"Excellent Staff"
James souder December 20, 2019

2022-06-20 | 17:47:50

"Needs servicing. The storage area we occupy has broken glass. We have to make sure when we visit to not cut our hands or allow the kids to roam free for a second. Besides, good storage facility and was is also a great plus.."
Amanda Donavin October 10, 2019

2022-06-20 | 17:47:49

"Patient staff. Tollerent to the many "issues" I presented as a customer. Compared to Public Storage, they Rock!"
Heather Galea August 30, 2019

2022-06-20 | 17:51:56

"Great Ace Store is the best"