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Packaging & Moving Supplies in El Cajon, CA

At El Cajon Mini Storage, we carry all the packaging supplies and moving supplies you need to protect your property, whether you’re planning a move or you’re simply preparing items for storage. From quality cardboard boxes to specialized protective coverings, we carry everything you need to keep everything from basic household items to valuables safe and secure.


From simple moves to major relocations, getting the proper supplies is the first step. You’ll find the following items in stock every day, all at the lowest prices around:


We carry boxes of all shapes and sizes, and we even have heavy-duty boxes that can hold the biggest, bulkiest of items. Grab some large boxes for lightweight items and some smaller ones for books, dishes and more. Need specialty boxes for fragile mirrors or pictures? We’ve got what you’re looking for!

Packing Paper

Pick up packing paper to protect your belongings when packing them into moving boxes—it’s economical and efficient. Our ink-free paper protects everything from electronics to kitchenware, filling the gaps between the box and the items so nothing gets damaged in transit.

Packing Tape

It’s important to invest in durable, high-quality packing tape whenever you’re planning a move, otherwise you’ll just end up with broken boxes and belongings. We have a range of strong packing tape that can hold any box together in even the worst conditions.


We carry a variety of protective covering and cushioning products, including bubble wrap. There’s no better way to cushion fragile items and ensure they arrive in one piece at your destination.

Grab the Moving Supplies You Need

El Cajon Mini Storage carries a huge variety of packaging and moving supplies that keep your belongings safe whether you’re planning to move or you’re just preparing your items for storage. Call us today at 619-447-4906 to learn more about our selection.

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